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Clogged drains are some of the most common plumbing problems you’re likely to encounter. While some drain clogs can be handled on your own with simple tools, it’s important to know the difference between a minor clog and a major clog that needs professional drain cleaning in Chicago. Calling in your plumber to help you with more serious clogs is the very best way to address these issues quickly and properly to avoid water damage, wasted water, and damage to your plumbing.

Plunging Doesn’t Work

As soon as you notice a slow or clogged drain, addressing it with a plunger is often enough to handle the problem. However, if plunging a drain doesn’t work or only has a short-term effect, it’s time to call your plumber for professional drain cleaning in Chicago. While it can be tempting to use drain cleaning chemicals to solve the problem instead, the use of these caustic chemicals has been associated with plumbing damage and deterioration, especially when drain cleaners are used too often or used to clear PVC or plastic pipes. Rather than damaging your plumbing by trying to use chemicals or other means of drain clearing, it’s best to call in your plumber for the right resolution without the risk to your plumbing.

Your Garbage Disposal Is Affected

Garbage disposals make kitchen cleanup fast and easy, but these appliances can easily become clogged or jammed with overuse or when certain foods or items are put down the drain, including bones, corncobs, and grease or fat. If you’re experiencing a clog that affects your garbage disposal, it’s always best to have your professional plumber handle the drain cleaning job. Improper handling of a garbage disposal can cause injury or damage the disposal itself, requiring you to repair or replace it at extra cost. Calling in your plumber means the clog will be handled quickly, safely, and without accidental damage to the disposal.

You’re Experiencing Widespread Backups

Every drain in your home leads to a single sewer line, which runs under the ground of your yard and carries wastewater to your municipal sewer system. These sewer lines can be susceptible to damage from shifting soil, invasive tree roots, clogs and blockages, and even collapse if the ground above them is put under significant strain. Sewer line clogs should always be handled by a professional plumber; the most common sign of a sewer line problem is multiple backups in plumbing fixtures throughout your home. Toilets often experience backups first, but you may also see water backing up into sinks, showers, and tubs, particularly when you use another plumbing fixture or appliance. At the first sign of a sewer line problem, call your plumber to evaluate the situation and provide fast drain cleaning or repairs.

Whether you need routine plumbing maintenance or a 24-hour plumber, we proudly offer prompt, professional service to handle all your plumbing concerns. You can find out more about solving home plumbing problems and the signs you need a professional plumber when you click through the articles in our blog, or reach us to schedule drain cleaning in Chicago today via our website.

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