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ARS Chicago is proud to announce that we are now a Nest Pro Elite install partner, allowing you to turn your home into a smart home. We invite you to meet the Nest family and Google Home products, which can transform your daily home usage into an exciting, brand new experience. Our certified technicians are excited to provide you with a new level of comfort and security in Chicagoland, so we want you to read all about the latest, innovative ways to monitor your house, schedule appointments, or adjust the temperature. For more information, please schedule an appointment or call us!

The Nest family of products for your smart home

Nest Thermostats

Boasting an intuitive design and advanced algorithms, Nest thermostats learn how warm you like your house and automatically adjust it to your liking. With an auto-schedule, you won’t have to think about how warm it needs to be so that you are comfortable. With an ENERGY STAR certification, Nest thermostats will help you save energy whether you’re home or not, and show you how much energy you’ve saved overall.

Nest smoke alarm

Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Instead of having a traditional smoke alarm that just starts to beep loudly when it detects smoke, use Nest to be able to accurately pinpoint where the problem is coming from. Even if you aren’t at home, you can be notified. Nest Protect also detects carbon monoxide, which is invisible and odorless, and when paired with a Nest thermostat, can turn off your furnace if it detects carbon monoxide.

Nest Security Cameras

Make sure your home is safer, no matter where you are. With Nest Cams, store up to 30 days of footage at 1080p. If there’s movement or suspicious activity (such as sounds), you can receive a live alert. You can also talk through Nest Cam, if necessary. Nest Cam IQ uses HD Talk and Listen to provide the ultimate level of security: If it doesn’t recognize someone through its intelligent imaging, you can receive a notification. Nest Cam IQ can also zoom in and use noise suppression to provide crystal-clear video and audio quality. And with Nest Cam Outdoor, you can speak to visitors or intruders via a weatherproof, night vision-equipped camera.

Google Home and Google Wifi

By using Google Assistant, Google Home will make your life so much easier. Check traffic, play music, and adjust the thermostat just by talking to your Google Home or Google Home Mini. With it connected to your TV or other Nest products, harness the power of your voice (which Google Home can recognize) and receive personalized playlists, search results, and more!

To make all your smart home and wifi-enabled devices work even better, all over your home, add Google Wifi!

For more information on voice-controlled comfort, or about getting any of these smart home devices installed in your Chicagoland home, just contact ARS/Rescue Rooter of Illinois.

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