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Chicago Plumbing Fixture & Toilet Installation Service

Today’s homes have toilets and fixtures that are both well-designed, very functional, and highly water efficient. To schedule a consult with an expert plumber in Chicago to discuss adding these features to your home, call 630-626-5804 today. A complimentary in-home estimate will allow you to learn more about the savings that can come from installing these types of features in your home.

mother and daughter washing hands at sink

Plumbing Fixture Installation

Modern tub, sink, or shower fixtures can make your home’s bathrooms more efficient, and future potential homebuyers will consider these fixtures as added value. When it’s time to choose new fixtures, consider items that are water-efficient, such as an aerator. This will help to keep good water pressure and conserve water. Additionally, computer programming tools are often included in new shower designs. This customizable tool allows you to personalize your shower with options like water temperature adjustment, chosen water pressure, and spray type.

Toilet Installation

The toilets in your home are vital for long-term money savings and water conservation Actually, flushing toilets makes up approximately 30% of an average home’s indoor water use, according to the EPA*. A low-flow or dual-flush toilet can help make your home more water efficient.

Many improvements have been made to toilet comfort in addition to water efficiency. Elements such as automated flushing and heated seats are often included, and these additions have transformed the traditional porcelain model.

For additional information on toilets, faucets, fixtures, or any of our other plumbing products and services, call us at 630-438-6900.

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