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A kitchen garbage disposal is a convenient tool that most homeowners use every day to make meal cleanup simple and quick. While you may not think about your disposal often, it’s important to keep in mind that these appliances have a limited lifetime and will begin to experience problems associated with age and use over time. The average kitchen garbage disposal is expected to last between five and ten years; while minor repairs can keep this appliance functioning well into this age range, it may be more economical to opt for garbage disposal replacement over repair if your disposal develops a significant issue and has been installed for five years or more. When it’s time to replace this important appliance, your Chicago plumber can help you select a new unit that will suit your needs and fit your budget.

Garbage Disposal Power

When you flip the switch to activate your garbage disposal, its motor drives the grinding action that occurs inside. Garbage disposals are available with a variety of motors, allowing you to choose a unit that has the right amount of power for your needs; motors typically range from 1/3 horsepower up to a full one horsepower in capability. The larger a garbage disposal’s motor, the faster it can grind food and the more food it can handle at once. Higher-power motors may also allow your disposal to handle tougher types of foods, whereas a lower-powered garbage disposal might jam if certain items are flushed down the drain. It’s also important to keep in mind that higher-powered motors typically have larger grinding chambers, which allow more foot to be processed at once. While 1/3-1/2 horsepower motors are great for small homes and small families, a larger 3/4 or even one horsepower motor might be best if you have a large family or use your sink often to dispose of food.

Garbage Disposal Feed Type

Garbage disposals may be “fed” in one of two ways: continually or in batches. Continuous-feed disposals are some of the most common disposals installed in homes today; these models allow you to continue feeding food into the disposal while it grinds material already in the chamber. By contrast, batch-fed models require you to place all the food you want ground into the chamber, then turn down the stopper to activate the motor. Continuous-feed models are typically more convenient, particularly when disposing of large amounts of food, but can pose a safety hazard because they will run while the drain is open. Batch-fed models are often slightly quieter and may be safer in households with curious young children, as the blades will not activate unless the stopper is in place.

Is it time to replace an outdated or failing garbage disposal for more efficient meal cleanup at home? Our plumbers are pleased to offer garbage disposal replacement serving Chicago to make this process easy and cost-effective. We will work with you to determine whether replacement is your best option, then evaluate your needs to help you choose the right new appliance. You can find out more about our 24-hour plumbing services and solutions on our website, where you’ll also find past blog articles highlighting other important plumbing issues and information.

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