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Summer in Chicago brings with it warm, humid weather that can make the long days seem even longer without a functional air conditioning system. Although air conditioners are designed to work for well over a decade, eventually your home cooling system will need replacement due to poor performance or damage that cannot be feasibly repaired. When it’s time for new air conditioning installation in your Chicago home, choosing the right air conditioner is the key to enjoying efficient home cooling throughout the lifetime of your new system, helping you to get the benefits you want from an air conditioning upgrade.

Schedule a Home Comfort Assessment

Home comfort assessments take several factors into account to determine the capacity your next cooling system will need. When your air conditioner is poorly matched to your home and your needs, it will cost more than you expect to run and experience higher levels of stress that can lead to an increased risk of breakdowns. Your HVAC service will consider each relevant factor to determine how powerful your air conditioner should be to provide the cooling you want. Matching your air conditioner’s capacity to your personal needs is the very best way to ensure you get the cooling function and efficiency you expect, maximizing the performance of your air conditioner while minimizing your home cooling costs, even over time.

Consider Your Budget

Regardless of your home’s cooling needs, your budget will likely play a significant part in your choice of new air conditioner. Maximizing the returns on the money you do spend will mean enjoying problem-free home cooling at the level you want for years to come, as well as the lowest possible energy costs to keep your home comfortable. When exploring your air conditioning options, talk to your HVAC service about efficiency ratings and how these ratings affect the cost of your air conditioner. Opting for a unit with the greatest efficiency you can afford within your budget is a smart move that will help you reap the greatest benefits in terms of operating costs throughout the lifetime of the appliance. Installing a higher-efficiency air conditioner, even if it costs more upfront, will ultimately keep your cooling costs lower for as long as the appliance is installed, helping you to lessen your future monthly costs.

Evaluate Your Heating System

While taking a look at your heating system when you need a new air conditioner may seem counterintuitive, it’s important to consider the fact that central heating and cooling systems work together using many of the same components. If your air conditioner is failing due to age and is the same age as your heating system, it could be beneficial to consider a new furnace as well as a new air conditioner. Pairing appliances that are designed to work together can help you save even more on your long-term home comfort costs, while replacing your entire heating and cooling system with a single heat pump could offer several other long-term benefits, such as even lower energy and maintenance costs.

Is it nearing the time for new air conditioning installation in Chicago? Our HVAC experts are here to help you choose exactly the right home comfort system for your needs, as well as offer additional heating and cooling solutions that include whole-home air cleaners and thermostat upgrades. You can learn more about new air conditioning installation and our other special offers when you visit our website, or take advantage of our blog archive to find additional home comfort tips and advice.

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