Chicago Heater Repair Service by ARS/Rescue Rooter Chicago

The chill of an Illinois winter shouldn't be endured without a fully functioning home heating system. When the temperature starts to drop into the single digits, it is imperative that your home has an effective source of heat. ARS® / Rescue Rooter® Chicago is dedicated to keeping your family warm through excellent customer service and expert heating system repairs. We are available to conduct regular maintenance and tune-ups on your heating unit or home furnace.

How often should I my Chicago furnace or heating unit be inspected?

The efficiency of your heating unit or furnace is extremely important, and this is made easier through regular service. Some signs to look for that your furnace or heating system may need some service:

  • Weak air flow in vents
  • Loud, disruptive noises coming from unit
  • Trouble keeping home warm
  • Extremely high utility bills in the winter

We encourage that inspections or tune-ups occur at least once per year. This helps to make sure that all parts of your system are properly performing before winter strikes. An annual check also helps to reduce monthly energy costs by checking the system’s efficiency, and can help more costly breakdowns.

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