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Problems related to your furnace’s age, maintenance history, and more can cause a heating breakdown right when you need it most. Heating emergencies should always be addressed immediately by an HVAC professional to minimize damage to your heating system and reduce discomfort in your home. Knowing the signs that you need emergency heater repair in Chicago can help you identify and resolve major heating issues quickly to reduce stress and high heating costs.

Identifying a Heating Emergency

Chicago is often prone to sub-zero temperatures in the winter, making a reliable heating system not only a home comfort, but an important factor in your health as well. Heating emergencies are situations in which your heater either does not function at all, or performs so poorly that you cannot heat your home to the temperature you need for health, safety, and comfort. If your furnace simply won’t activate or you are receiving cool air from your registers despite your thermostat setting, it’s time to call for emergency heater repair. Additionally, a heating emergency may also constitute troubling behavior from your furnace, such as loud noises or a burning smell when your system is running. These situations may not directly affect the amount of heat you receive, but they are signals that your furnace may soon fail or could pose a safety hazard through electrical fire risk.

Troubleshooting a Heating Emergency

If your heater suddenly fails, there are a few steps you can take to see if you may be able to resolve the issue. First, check that your thermostat is set to “heat” and that the set point is above the current temperature reading. Next, check your fuse box or circuit breaker to ensure your heater is receiving power—if your furnace continually blows fuses or trips your breaker, it’s definitely time to call for heater repair to determine the cause of the electrical problem. If you cannot identify the cause of your heating failure and your thermostat and electrical system are working properly, your next step should be to contact an emergency heating professional for the help you need to get your furnace up and running once more.

Preventing a Heating Emergency

Ignoring even minor changes in your heater’s function can lead to a higher risk of breakdown; thus, it’s important to call for heating repair as soon as you notice strange behavior from your HVAC system or consistently higher heating costs than you expect. Addressing minor issues quickly reduces wear and tear on your system and eliminates the possibility that small problems can grow into big ones. Even if your furnace is functioning properly, contact your HVAC service about regular maintenance for your furnace and air conditioner—a well-maintained system will operate more efficiently and is at much lower risk for a breakdown than a system that has gone without service.

Whether you’d like to find out more about heating maintenance or you need emergency heater repair in Chicago, we are here to help. Our HVAC experts can quickly evaluate your home and your HVAC system to determine the best solution to meet your home comfort needs at low cost. Please take a look through our website to learn more about our comprehensive heating and cooling services, including new furnace and air conditioning installation, or check back to read through our new monthly blog for more heating and cooling tips.

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